New Podcast! Make Work Better

High Everybody!

We know it’s been crickets for a few months and it’s because we have been very busy bees developing a way to make work better for all of us! We even guested on a podcast to spread the news!

What does better work mean?

We’ve said it before, we Make Work Better by:

  • Making people the highest priority

  • Building the teams you want to be on

  • Connecting the community

Making Work Better is accomplished with the foundational cornerstone of Self Determination Theory, an intrinsic motivational theory, based on autonomy, competency, and relatedness.

Simply, we Make Work Better by providing structure & choices, then get out of the way to let folks do what they do best; we collaborate, develop ourselves and learn from each other; and we focus on connecting and building relationships in our communities.

I had an incredible chance to talk about Making Work Better and Wellness at Work with Leigh Richardson’s podcast IN YOUR HEAD.

In Your Head Radio in Toginet:

Link to Apple Podcast:

Tune in to get an idea of how Mary Jane’s People partners with you to Make Work Better, some real life work examples, and also hear some tips and learn new ways to Make Work Better for yourself through self determination theory.

What’s next?

This summer we’re working on bringing our message to industry events because Mary Jane’s People believes it’s our industry that has a real opportunity to Make Work Better.

We’re road-tripping the Southwest this summer to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. Excited to meet new Mary Jane’s People in our travels,

learn new stories and share how we’ll make work better together.

Talk soon!


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