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Manage Your Stress With A Healthy Lifestyle

April is Stress Awareness Month and we are sharing some tips on how to live a more stress free life. This is our 3rd post in a series of 5 to help you on your way to make life and work better.

A major way to manage your stress is to ensure you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Your stress can manifest in your body, in your mood and in your behavior. Here are some different ways stress shows up, including high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach aches, headaches, anxiety, and depression, quick to anger and even stroke and heart disease. Any of the above effects can have a huge impact on your life and overall contentment.

As part of Stress Awareness month, we want to help you help yourself with better stress management in your life.

Is there something you know you need to stop doing but just can’t? You have resources to help you. Below are suggestions to make your life (and work) better so you can manage your stress mindfully when it happens.

Take a quick inventory of what you are already doing and then choose one activity off the list to add to the great things you are already doing for yourself. With each new month, add a new activity off the list to build a well-being practice.

How can you manage your stress?

  • Give yourself (and others) graces

  • Practice Gratitude

  • Schedule your annual wellness check

  • Keep an eye on your blood pressure

  • Practice healthy eating – fruits and vegetables are your friend

  • Say no to sugar and grab an apple instead

  • Moderate your alcohol intake (consider joining the sober life)

  • Drink lots of water – make it a goal to have 3 liters a day

  • Get plenty of rest – maintain a consistent bedtime and wake up time

  • Take some quiet time and walk your stress away (after dinner or on a break in the day); 15 minutes does wonders

  • Talk it out with someone you trust

  • Stay away from the news and get off social media

  • Enjoy your hobbies!

  • Listen to music

  • Learn something new

  • Give back to your community

  • Attend free group therapy offered in your community or contact your company EAP!

  • Spend some time in nature – sit by the river, walk in the forest, go for a drive

  • Avoid. Alter. Adapt. Accept. (from the USDA)

Taking some of these ideas and building them into your life is a key way to make life and work better for you reducing stress along the way.

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