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Mary Jane’s People Sponsors The Canna Mom Show

Hi Everyone,

We decided to tell more people about Mary Jane’s People so that we can help the canna business Make Work Better. We’re the proud sponsor for the last 5 episodes of Season 3 on The Canna Mom Show with award winning host, Joyce Gerber.

You know you want to listen:

I met Joyce this past September 2021 at the Women in Cannabis Expo in Reno and watched her win her first award for the podcast! The Massachusetts mom of 2 is a true delight with an authentic heart and spirit. A canna mom and attorney (no longer practicing), Joyce speaks her mind and shares what’s in her heart. Through The Canna Mom Show, she’s providing an important platform for many women to also speak their hearts and minds on this weekly podcast.

Guests on the Canna Mom Show are industry leaders and also Canna Moms telling their stories to bring awareness, be an advocate, and educate on the planet healing elements of the cannabis plant, it’s industry and challenges.

The more awareness and education we’re provided by industry experts then the better advocates we can be in the long fight to:

  • full global legalization of the plant for medicinal and recreational use,

  • release cannabis prisoners and expunge their records,

  • provide honest discussions about the plant’s many uses,

  • end the racist stigma around the plant

Mary Jane’s People invites you to tune in weekly and become a part of The Canna Mom Show “know”.

And if you listen carefully, I’ll be on the show too for a few minutes on the last episode of Season 3 to talk about Making Work Better because we know all know we need it!

Take Care & Be Well,


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